InvestNextDoor is THE fintech partner for community-based lenders.  We know that ROI, Engagement, Simplicity and Security are the keys to long term success.


Let’s talk about…

  • ROI

  • Engagement

  • Simplicity and Security


Remember when the question was: “Where do you bank?’’ Not any longer. Now, it’s more likely: “How do you bank?” – KPMG



Let’s talk about…ROI

ROI is a combination of new revenue and cost-reduction and more of your most profitable customer profiles.  The IND Suite gets you there by:

  • Creating new streams of revenue by opening up online lending channels

  • Lowering and stabilizing cost of acquisition and loan management

  • Acquiring deposit customers while outsourcing the actual loan



Let’s talk about…Engagement

Engagement means becoming involved with your customers the way they want.  We help you do that by:

  • Using our affiliate channels to go to your customers, instead of making them come to you

  • Making your lending channel available when, where and how your customers need it

  • Offering a transparent, on-going relationship that gives them insight about their borrowing and real-time access to their complete borrowing profile



Let’s talk about…Simplicity and Security

Digital banking has to be simple and secure for you and your customers.  The user experience needs to feel easy and natural. 81% of consumers prefer PC, tablet or smart phone to do engage with their bank.

  • Our technology complies with all online banking security standards

  • The entire lending lifecycle takes place through a single portal accessible via PC, tablet or smart phone

  • The application process takes just 20 minutes, can be conveniently saved and be decisioned in a matter of hours

  • Borrower information is all securely maintained in personalized dashboards, or can be integrated back into core banking systems