We think borrowers should feel good about their borrowing relationships.


We Offer Customization:

Create the origination experience you want, and your customers need

  • Custom on-boarding portal that integrates into your existing online banking presence

  • Tailored new customer referrals based on your targeted borrower profiles

  • Custom co-marketing across the IND Affiliate network

We Offer Community:

Engage with communities without increasing your marketing or branch budget.

  • Our online/offline affiliate model reaches your customers, wherever they are

  • Integrated origination and leads streamlines the entire lending lifecycle

  • Leverage credible community brands to access targeted borrower profiles


We Offer Cost-Efficiency:

We make it easy to utilize large-scale networks to manage the cost of acquisition.

  • Standardize the cost of originating a loan to as little as $200

  • Cloud-based technology means no IT integration

  • Reciprocal referrals are FREE